Until All Have Heard

As a church, we are called to be a part of the Great Commission: to make disciples of all nations.

Missions: as a common buzzword today, can be hard to define. If you polled 10 people right now on how they define missions, you’ll likely get 11 different responses! Is it evangelism, feeding the poor, business as mission, or translating the Bible? Does it happen across the ocean? Does it happen across the street? Is it applicable for only those who are sent out to do cross-cultural missions in different nations, or is it the call of every Christian? Some advocate for the extremes, “missions is all or nothing!”

At Hope Community Church, we think that all believers are sent and should be “on mission”; however, for clarity of terms, we use the word “missions” to describe those who are pursuing being “on mission” in a cross-cultural manner.

Hope Community Church defines missions as the advancement of the kingdom of God by starting cross-cultural, God-glorifying, cross-centered, gospel-focused, biblically-sound, culturally-relevant, impactful, reproducing churches (assemblies) to help as many people as possible become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Going to the Nations

Many believers are burdened for the peoples whom have never heard the name of our savior Jesus Christ. God is drawing his people to bring the revelation of his saving grace to the unreached. Goers are those that desire to step into cross-cultural missions as church-planters, business-as-mission entrepreneurs, and more.

Sending Workers

Senders leverage their resources, skills, and time to support the work of those engaged in ministry. They provide moral support, logistics support, financial support, prayer support, communication support, and re-entry support for those serving at home and abroad.

Welcoming Internationals

Students from all over the world travel to study at universities, technical institutions,and community colleges. Welcomers see the strategic opportunity they have to share the Gospel with internationals right here at home. The world is at your door. Open up your life and welcome them in.

Mission Mobilization

The laborers are plentiful, but the workers are few. the body of Christ has work to do of epic proportions. However, many believers never ask how they can live more strategically for the Kingdom. With our finite time on this planet, we cannot afford to let years slip by without a God-sized vision directing how and where we are going to spend the majority of our time, talent, energy, and resources. Mobilizers inspire, mentor, and connect individuals to strategic opportunities to live and work within God’s global purpose.

Praying for the Nations

Prayer warriors are those that are on their knees for the nations, missionaries, and the advancement of God’s Kingdom in those places that currently have no access to the Gospel. Those who are suffering under tyranny, poverty, oppression, corruption, and lack of Jesus’ presence need God’s people to humble themselves and pray. Praying for the nations will change your life and change the world.

Get Involved

Hope Community Church Global

The Hope Community Church Global team prayerfully and strategically aims to glorify God by exposing, educating, and equipping the people of Hope Community Church to move across cultural divides and help bring the gospel to the world and make disciples of all people through global church-planting. The key question we ask for each of those roles is as follows:

Expose — How can we help move people from unaware to aware?

Educate — How can we help move people from aware to concerned?

Equip — How can we help move people from concerned to engaged?

Sending & Support

For some of you, God has laid it on your heart to go. We’re so encouraged by that! If you’re seeking to be sent by Hope, here is where to start. All prospective missionaries seeking Hope affiliation will self-select one of the three following categories:

1. Partner

2. Support

3. Gift

These levels of support are provided to aid prospective missionaries in understanding Hope’s priorities in mission, funding, accountability, and review.

Interested in joining us on mission? Connect with us by filling out the mission interest form.

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