Men of Hope

Challenging and Encouraging the Men of Hope in the Gospel

Men of Hope exists to help men grow in their relationships with God, in community with one another and in their commitment to advancing the gospel. We do this by creating opportunities for guys to connect in smaller communities within the larger community of Hope, by providing events for men to study Scripture together and through one-on-one mentorship.


We have many different events throughout the year, ranging from game nights and golf tournaments to our annual men’s retreat each fall. We’d love for you to be part of these events and connect with other men in our church.

Bible Brunches

We host several Bible brunches throughout the year at Hope, giving men an opportunity to connect and spend most of a morning diving into Scripture together. You’re free to join us for one of these any time; each study will be on a different passage or topic, so you won’t need to catch up on anything if you haven’t been to one before.



Our mentorship ministry is designed to create one-on-one discipleship relationships where men can help one another flourish in faith. These mentorships can be tailored toward specific issues you’d like to focus on in your life, or just to give you an opportunity to learn from another man as you pursue a closer relationship with Christ.

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